Artist Statement

Interrogating, roasting and calling out patriarchy, racism and heteronormativity are core themes in my practice, which are explored through a variety of formats and methodologies. I use printmaking to explore and express thoughts of serious difficult issues such as gendered street harassment, period shaming and male allyship.

Using the monotype printing technique I paint and depict scenarios that challenge misogynoir and imagine how male allyship would look like with a smidge of humor and sometimes through gendered objects such as the classic dainty doily by dismantling it to form alternative compositions of blackwomanhood and femininity. 

Another extension of my practice is Makoti: A Bridal gifts shop under Makoti Technologies™, which puts my practice in the realm of performance, sculpture/installation and printmaking. In this practice, I am the designer and manufacturer for this bridal shop that sells guns that womxn can use to dismantle patriarchy or rightfully stir some shit, thus making me the inventor for Makoti Technologies™ and director of Makoti: A Bridal gifts shop.

My thoughts stem from the gender norms  perpetuated by Sepedi-setswana proverbs and realised in stories collected from childhood memory and experiences. Makoti gunz are made from paper, accompanied by a user friendly manual of the breakdown of the gun itself in a humorous tone. Such guns include gunz that help you fuck him and steal his job, guns that help wonder if the heterosexuals are okay, gunz that prevent you from being entered in the mouth, gunz you can use in the case of a patriarchal meltdown at shoprite, the  bottle store, a zoom meeting or school and more, hell even gunz that prevent rape cases from disappearing, gunz thathelp you menstruate on your zaddy’s car seats.